Herald Building Creatively Activates Street Corner With Modern Marketing Pop-Up

[Young entrepreneurs, artists, Western students, local business leaders, and community members come together to promote better business. Art, ethics, and authentic community advertising fuel the grassroots promotion]

[BELLINGHAM, WA, Jan. 2024] Ninety-eight years after construction, the Herald Building continues to be an iconic center for Bellingham business. This winter, inside the premium corner suite on the intersection of State St. & Chestnut, the office doubles as a living advertisement. The “pop-up” marketing office is a unique collaboration between Daylight Properties, and local student’s startup; Modern Holistic Marketing. Designed to be a temporary exhibit to draw attention and find a new lease occupant for the space. Within two months - young community members redefine perceptions of professionalism and shift attention to business ethics and social responsibility.

When staring out across from Makeworth Coffee Roasters or walking down State you may see writings on the transparent walls of the fish-bowl office, or compliment cards plastered outside the windows. Maybe computer monitors stickered with the brand’s logo, or students deep in discussion over business. Typically these meetings are held with Forrest Templin, a sole proprietor doing business as Modern Holistic Marketing. The business model revolves around creating content, managing social media, representing, and communicating to the public on behalf of Bellingham businesses like, Northwest Tune-Up, Daylight Properties, Bellingham Exit, Garden Spot Nursery, and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition - to name a handful of accounts. These are foundational brand partnerships and community engagement campaigns where; marketing has become a compassionate communication tool used to interact with all people inside and around an individual business. The holistic marketing concept is not proprietary, it is a universal framework for how promotions can become a purposeful way to connect consumers with business.

“My purpose is to create and inspire others to promote and advertise with integrity, so that we can give our community a reason to put their trust in business”, said Forrest Templin, about the startup organization. Jennifer, the lease manager for Daylight Properties, first met Forrest last while supporting the launch of the inaugural Bellingham Exit, a collaborative music and arts festival. Forrest went on to say,  “Who knows how long the Daylight team will let me hang out in this office but, I am making the most of it! I deeply enjoy being a part of the Downtown scene, getting a chance to see all the people out and about, and having a professional place to host colleagues. ”

Supporting young local professionals and creative entrepreneurs is Daylight’s strategy for drawing in a new retailer or business in the premium corner office for lease.

Find them here: mhmarketing.solutions


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