• Purpose

    To connect with humanity by promoting creative business solutions so that we can help heal the world together.

  • Values

    Values guide the way we operate and they drive our work:

    • Integrity
    • Community Service
    • Compassion
    • Fairness
  • Ethics

    Demonstrating why holistic marketing is the ethical and social imperative for industries like; advertising, media, and public relations.

    Business Ethics 
  • Oliver Rajsbaum

    Role: Community Manager

    Originally from Mexico City, Oliver is soon to graduate from WWU this year with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In addition to a deep love for community, his roots run deep in yoga, health, and wellness.

  • Sydney Papritz

    Role: Brand Design Lead

    Sydney's passion for the outdoors fuels her desire to empower others and create environments that allow people to feel to safe and maximize time outside. After all, the allure of nature serves as the ultimate motivator.

  • Spencer Arps

    Role: Production Wizard

    Born and raised in Bellingham, but his home is deep in the mountains. Creative visual artist and passionate storyteller.

  • Logan Patrick Nelson

    Role: Film Production Lead

    Videographer and editor dedicated to telling stories and making content that feels good to watch but even better to create.

  • Riley LaRue

    Role: Community Coordinator

    Montessori teacher in Bellingham, working with ages 3-6. Her favorite thing about this age is the creative, curious, adventurous spirit children naturally have. Riley has a passion in fostering relationships, bringing together community, women's health and female empowerment.

  • Marina Hollenbeck

    Role: Internal Events Coordinator

    While Marina has a passion for events, her true value and genius lies in her genuine heart and people skills. Her love for deep conversations, growth and authentic relationships lights up rooms and makes people around her feel safe. Marina helps create our meaningful events and is especially interested in creating opportunities for people to collaborate thoughtfully and honestly

  • Tobin Walker

    Role: Outdoor Industry Sales Lead

    Creative, driven, and personable marketing specialist with expertise in the outdoor & action sports culture.

  • Eliza Carver

    Role: Art Director

    Multidisciplinary designer, artist, and adventure seeker. Originally from Vermont but now Washington State has the privilege to host her works. Leaning deep into the natural world and art of movement, Eliza is a muralist, brand designer, and passionate advocate for the outdoors.

  • Forrest Templin

    Role: Chief Marketing Officer

    Forged by the bike shop and grounded in personal sales and customer service - he continues to invest his heart and time in service of community. Now a music festival promoter, marketing director, and full-time student, he remains driven to connect with people and promote others.

  • Finn Burns Donnelly

    Role: Doodle Director

    Professional doodler and resident holistic / hipster designer. Behind the scenes building your favorite brands while flying high on vibes. A champion of subculture. An alien sent from space with creative superpowers. Uncovering weird, and underground odysseys on the daily.