Paper Whale

Paper Whale

Having worked with Nick Hartrich on the Northwest Tune-Up team, we knew how dedicated to community service he was and we understood that his passion could created an energy that naturally facilitates collaboration and human connection. Straight into the Noisy Water Mural Festival only two weeks after finishing Tune-Up with Nick. We met Gretchen Leggitt, renowned muralist and artist who also inspires authenticity and creative expression. The three of us had a month or so of grassroots promotion and community outreach. 


Following the heartfelt, artistic explosion that was Bellingham's first-ever mural festival, we walked away with countless new friends and a new way of thinking. Thanks to Nick and Gretchen for welcoming us into this community, we have a deeper appreciation of the human imagination and how meaningful it means to feel a community through art. 

Nick Hartrich and Gretchen Leggitt

Photo: Forrest Templin



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