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Roll'n Dice | White Vinyl Stickerz

Roll'n Dice | White Vinyl Stickerz

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Just slap it on that big truck bumper, office window, telephone phone, or school bathroom stall - you name it, the world is yours. Surprisingly, simple stickers can bring out all the best emotions & solutions in your life and for those around you:

  • Increased Luck
  • Faster Strava Times
  • Newfound Magic Dancing Abilities
  • More Style / Skiers
  • More Steeze / Boarders
  • Thicker Hair
  • Peace & Love
  • Better Business Relationships
  • Community Service 

...mhm you heard it here first. Take a chance, roll the dice, what if it all goes right?!

One sticker for $4. 

Design: Finn Donnelly

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